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IPM in the News

1/15/2015 Thousand Oaks Acorn: Schools Required to Have Pest Management Plans - The use of pesticides at schools and child care centers is under new regulation with the Healthy Schools Act, which includes integrative pest-management plans, annual training and additional reporting.
5/28/2014 USDA Announces Funding for Integrated Pest Management Efforts - The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture announced today the availability of more than $16 million in funding to addresses critical integrated pest management (IPM) needs.
3/12/2014 EPA Awards More than $500,000 to Schools to Help Reduce Children’s Exposure to Pesticides - Integrated pest management practices are shown to reduce pesticide use
4/11/2013 Hays Free Press: Rodent Population Flairs Up at Kyle Elementary School - A rash of rodents at Kyle Elementary raises concerns
3/18/2013 Angie's List: Keep Your Home Pest-Free - Tips for Home Pest Prevention
3/8/2013 The Oregonian: How to Keep the Creepy-Crawlies Outdoors - Tips for Keeping Pest Out of the Home
3/7/2013 Chambersburg Public Opinion: Stink Bugs Just Waiting For Warmer Weather - IPM to Fight Off Stink Bugs
2/21/2013 MVGazette.com: Island Pest Control Takes New Shape - New Pest Control Program Explained
2/1/2013 ChicoER.com: What is Integrated Pest Management? - The Real Dirt on IPM
1/1/2013 BostonGlobe.com: Asthma Reduced in Boston Public Housing - Officials cite effort to wipe out vermin
1/30/2012 SeaCoastOnline.com: New conditions will be Part of Brewster St. Rooming House Vote - Recommendations include pest inspections
11/4/2011 FOXNews.com: Health Department Says Hantavirus Killed Wyoming Man - Hantavirus Killed Wyoming Resident
11/3/2011 New York Times: Purging Cells in Mice Is Found to Combat Aging Ills - Mice Cells Help Aging Process
11/2/2011 WSPA-TV (Greenville, SC - Asheville, NC): New Type Of Stink Bug Invading South Carolina - New Stink Bugs Species
11/1/2011 Discovery News: Invasive, Fragrant Ants Crash Hawaii - Odorous House Ant invades Hawaii
11/1/2011 Forbes.com: Seriously Scary Housing Trends - Bed Bugs Make a Comeback - Bed Bugs Have Returned
10/31/2011 Bloomberg Businessweek: Mosquito Bred to Fight Dengue Fever Shows Promise in Study - Scientists attempting to halt Dengue Fever
10/31/2011 WTSP-TV (Tampa Bay, FL): Scientists Genetically Engineer Mosquitoes - British company Oxitec creating a genetically altered mosquito
10/30/2011 The Charlotte Observer: Once 'Creepy,' Bats Now Facing Their Own Scare - Bats at risk for disease
10/27/2011 FOX News: Researcher Warns of Stink Bug Invasion - Stink Bugs Return
10/26/2011 Discovery News: Why Spiders Will Always Find You - Spiders good at detecting vibrations
10/25/2011 FOX News: Prenatal Exposure to Antidepressants Makes Rats Show Signs of Autism - Rats show signs reminiscent of autism
10/24/2011 Houston Chronicle: 'Kissing Bug' Raises Health Concern in Valley - Kissing Bug poses serious health concerns
10/20/2011 U.S. News and World Report: Robins Are 'Super-Spreaders' of West Nile Virus, Expert Says - Bird known to spread West Nile
10/19/2011 Pest Control Made Easy - Integrated Pest Management
10/19/2011 Yahoo! News: US Researchers Study Bed Bugs' Resistance - Bed Bugs
10/18/2011 The Washington Post: Experimental Malaria Vaccine Protects Many Children, Study Shows - Vaccine shown to protect against Malaria
10/17/2011 Boston.com: Grant Given to Study Bee Preservation in 5 States - Bees
10/13/2011 FOX News: Naked Mole Rat Genome May Hold Key to Long Life - A "very special" mammal
10/11/2011 FoxNews.com: The Latest and Greatest Bedbug Cures - How to Cure Bed Bug Infestations
10/10/2011 MSNBC: U.S. Food Supply Threatened - Foreign Insects, Diseases Got Into U.S. Post 9/11 - Post 9/11 pest concerns
10/9/2011 Philly.com: Stinkbugs' New Appetite for Crops Spurs $5.7M Study - Studying Stink Bugs
9/29/2011 Reuters.com: Entrepreneurs Scramble to Create Best Bed Bug Buster - Bed Bug Buster
9/22/2011 Yahoo! News: Bed Bug Insecticides Causing Sickness, Officials Warn - CDC Study on Bed Bugs
8/28/2011 SeattleTimes.com: An A to Z primer - Bed Bugs
8/26/2011 The Wall Street Journal: Fake Pesticides are a Growing Danger - Fake Pesticides are Dangerous
8/17/2011 WashingtonPost.com: Bed Bug Infestations Growing in Certain Settings, Survey Finds - Bugs Without Borders Survey
8/9/2011 TheStreet.com: How to Deal With Stink Bugs - Stink Bugs
8/2/2011 NBC Washington: Lobby Calls on Congress to Prevent D.C. Pest Dumping - D.C. Wildlife Protection Act
7/1/2011 CNNMoney: Get Rid of Pests Without Spending a Fortune - DIY vs. Calling a Pro
6/8/2011 The Wall Street Journal: EPA to Ban Some Rat Poisons - EPA to Ban Some Rat Poisons
5/11/2011 SignOnSanDiego.com: Alarming Combo - Bed Bugs With 'Superbug' Germ Found - Bed Bugs and Disease
5/11/2011 The Washington Post: Bed Bugs May Play Role in Spread of Drug-Resistant Bacteria MRSA, Study Finds - Bed Bugs May Aid in Spread of Bacteria
4/13/2011 Columbus Dispatch: Unfair Fight - As bed bugs spread, the best weapon against them should be unleashed
3/24/2011 USAToday.com: Beware of the Stink Bug - Pungent Pest on the Rise
2/24/2011 The Arizona Republic: Phoenix-Area Exterminators See Boost From Bed Bug Infestations - Business of Bed Bugs
2/11/2011 USA Today: Exposure to Pesticides in Womb Linked to Learning Disabilities - Babies exposed to high levels of pesticides while in the womb may suffer from learning problems, a new study suggests.
2/3/2011 FoodProcessing.com: Software Bugs (and Other Pests) - Integrated pest management kills pests and fortifies capital spending plans.
1/19/2011 Health.com: Bed Bugs Reveal Their Genetic Secrets in Lab Study - Evolution of Bed Bugs
1/12/2011 Reuters.com: U.S. Survey Shows "Pervasive" Bed Bug Problem - Bed Bugs in America Survey Results
1/11/2011 WSJ.com: City's Problem With Bedbugs Getting Itchier - It's official: New Yorkers had the bed bug blues in 2010.
4/3/2008 Associated Press: Green Insect and Rodent Control on the Rise - Green Insect and Rodent Control on the Rise
7/10/2007 MyFOXNY.com: New Bed Bug Policy for New York Schools - New Bed Bug Policy for New York Schools
5/31/2007 The Baltimore Sun: Officials Scramble to Exterminate Chiggers - City school's infestation a first for most
5/20/2007 Lab Business Week: West Nile Virus - Fighting West Nile Virus Requires Attention and Action
4/6/2007 School Planning & Management Magazine: Integrated Pest Management - IPM has become a hotly debated topic in schools
1/27/2007 Washington Post: Pest Management - Tips for incorporating IPM strategies in gardening
12/5/2006 New York Times: It's Man vs. Pest - Integrated pest management key component of rodent control in NYC
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